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Silent Falcon Medium Wing March 2014
Integrated Assembly Stand
Ready for Take-off on Catapult Launcher
6 blade propeller
Search and Rescue Mission
Front view of Silent Falcon sUAS - short wing
Ready for a mission
Solar panels on wings - medium wing version
TFPV for Energy Collection on Wings
Solar panels on medium wing
Night ops using IR sensor
Flies Silent, Flies Longer, Sees More
Automatic Tracking Antenna Extends Range to 100 km
Agricultural Survey
Night flights use the IR camera
Integrated Ground Control Station
Ready for take off
Maritime surveillance
Discoverer Mid Wave Infared Camera
Take off from catapult launcher
Wildlife monitoring is one use
Silent - Stealth
ISR mission
Just launched!
Environmental Survey
Medium wing is portable and packs in Pelican case
Parachute just deployed
Parachute recovery
2014 Production system
Silent Falcon Packed for Shipment
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Silent Falcon™ can be configured to meet your mission parameters – small, medium or long wing span; mission specific payloads and sensors, and extended range communications.
Silent Falcon™ can be configured to meet your mission parameters.