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Silent Falcon UAS Technologies produces the Silent Falcon™ Unmanned Aircraft System, the FalconVision™ sensor payload, the Discoverer Medium Wave InfraRed sensor payload, and is developing for introduction in 2014 Hyperspectral Imaging, LIDAR and Ultra High resolution DSLR sensors that are all highly innovative, technologically advanced, state-of-the-art patent pending products designed to have precisely those capabilities demanded by the Commercial, Industrial,  Civil and Public Safety sUAS markets and defense and security agency ISR operators. 

​Silent Falcon™ sUAS

The Silent Falcon™ sUAS is a unique platform with capalilities found only on much larger, more complex and more expensive systems.  It is an all composite sUAS, offered in 3 different wing configurations, that has ultra long endurance (> 12 hours), is man portable, and is solar electric powered. The system integrates solar Thin Film Photovoltaic, leading edge modular design, silent, slow spin, high efficiency electric propulsion and state-of-the-art ground control and communications systems to create a logistically independent, low-cost UAV platform that has the electrical power to carry a variety of payloads.


FalconVision™ is the only sensor payload in its Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) class that provides High Definition EO (electro optical) and thermal infrared (IR) imaging, on board High Definition image and metadata processing, image stabilization, data analysis, target tracking and target identification capabilities.


The Discoverer is the only sUAS payload incorporating a state-of-the-art Medium Wave Infrared (MWIR) camera capable of providing extraordinary video and still MWIR images. The MWIR images can detect fugitive hydrocarbon emissions, defects in roadways, bridges, levees, and can discover buried pipelines, sewer lines, unexploded ordinance and other underground anomalies. 

All of our sensors are designed for simple installation into the Silent Falcon™ sUAS platform, and as with FalconVision™ and Discoverer, have simple communication system interfaces and either on board or ground station data and imagery storage.

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies    11030 Cochiti Road SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123    1.505.503.6153

Long endurance, extended range, extraordinary imagery and data acquisition, easy to operate, simple to maintain, portable,quiet and low cost

  •   have long endurance and extended range to perform lengthy missions 

  •   have extraordinary imagery and data acquisition capabilities

  •   be easy to operate and simple to maintain

  •   be portable, logistically autonomous and quiet 

  •   have low acquisition and operating costs  
​To succeed in the rapidly evolving global sUAS markets, systems must have capabilities not available in "legacy" defense systems that dominate these markets today.  They must:
These are the signature characteristics of the products of Silent Falcon UAS Technologies.​