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The Snipe is a weaponized version of Silent Falcon™ designed to have precision strike capabilities. The Snipe UAV is derived from the existing SF Silent Falcon™ airframe and features advanced technologies that give it prolonged flight duration for superior loiter and patrol range, near silent operation and an insignificant thermal signature. The Snipe incorporates a unique self-contained automatic weapon with integrated sight optics and noise suppression. This allows the Snipe exceptional strike accuracy at the ‘individual’ level of precision with minimal collateral damage.
The Snipe system has both ground and marine based applications including:

  •  Anti-Piracy and Maritime Asset Protection
  •  Precision Strike / Hunter-Killer Missions
  •  Facility and Pipeline Protection
  •  Covert Hostile/Contested Area Recon
  •  Field-Controlled Special Operations Support
  •  Rapid Response Close Air Support
  •  Border Patrol
  •  Downed Pilot/Captured Personnel Location and Interdiction
  •  IED Interdiction
  •  Sniper Suppression
  •  Escort

Key attributes of the Snipe weapons system include:
  • Can be fired from a lightweight, hand launched, stealth aerial platform without compromising vehicle performance
  • Is capable of fully automatic (900+ RPM) suppressed (< 38 dB) fire with a maximum effective range of 200+ yards with accuracy to engage human targets at that distance
  • Is capable of engaging vehicle targets at 200+ yards using armor piercing rounds
  • Is programmable in 1-50 round bursts by the operator with capacity of 50-100 rounds
  • Can be quickly reloaded in the field using a currently available magazine
  • Uses current production (non-proprietary) FN 5.7x28 ammunition already in common use by military and law enforcement. 
  • Maximizes the use of commonly available components to increase field serviceability.
Silent Falcon™ Heavy Payload (SFHP) 

The SFHP is ideally suited for long duration environmental and geologic surveys for mining and oil and gas exploration, and other natural resource exploration and measurement missions. Performing these surveys requires ultra-long endurance, and the ability to carry relatively heavy specialized sensors and payloads. The SFHP has been designed specifically for these types of missions and applications. 

The Silent Falcon™ HP uses the basic Silent Falcon long wing airframe modified to carry a larger and heavier payload. Airframe modifications include a slightly larger “fatter” fuselage and twin, aft electric motors for propulsion. These modifications allow the SFHP to carry a much heavier payload, and to provide the electrical power via the high surface area long wing TFPV solar panels to power the payload.

These types of surveys and missions typically require a payload with LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), magnetometers, a super high definition DSLR camera, and a large capacity data storage device.  LIDAR is an optical remote sensing technology that can measure the distance to, or other properties of, targets by illuminating the target with laser light and analyzing the backscattered light.

SFHP Payload Components

DSLR camera in the nose, LIDAR unit (cylindrical component) in the center of the fuselage, the data storage hard drive forward of the LIDAR unit, and magnetometers in the wings.

Future Products
  • Weaponized version

  • Heavy payloads
DSLR Camera
Data Storage