The Silent Falcon™ is designed with an open architecture, open interface payload bay designed to accommodate a wide variety of payloads for nearly any application.

The payload bay is 230 mm long, 140 mm wide and 200 mm deep. As long as the payload can fit within these dimensions and weighs less than 3 kg, the Silent Falcon™ sUAS can carry it.

Silent Falcon™ utilizes a patent-pending standard payload mount and payload interface making for quick and easy payload changes – fly an ISR mission in the morning, recover the aircraft, then by releasing the four (4) quick release fasteners take out the ISR payload, snap in the mapping payload, and start flying your mapping mission 20 minutes later!

Numerous COTS sensors are readily available to be integrated as Silent Falcon™ payloads. If a there is a sensor that meets your needs and fits the integration parameters, we will work with you to design and integrate a payload with that sensor to meet your mission requirements.

All Silent Falcon™ sensors are designed for simple installation into the Silent Falcon™ sUAS platform and include proprietary communication system interfaces for either on-board or ground-station data and imagery storage.

Numerous payloads have been integrated into and flown with the Silent Falcon™ system including:

…and we have identified easily integrated Lidar, Wide Area Motion Imaging (WAMI), and thermal cameras.

We are happy to work with you to develop a payload specific for your unique application.

UAS Service Provider Partners

Silent Falcon has established strategic alliances with UAS and ISR service providers offering comprehensive UAS data Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) solutions to its customers. The Silent Falcon is an exceptional platform for generating and storing a wide range of voice, imagery, and sensor-specific data. However, since the UAS technology is so new, there is often a misunderstanding of how the data collected can be used.

Whether providing support to a military unit or helping a farmer identify areas of decreased soil fertility, the core purpose of any Silent Falcon sensor collection effort is the same: enable decision making. The military commander must decide how to attack and the farmer needs to decide where to increase his watering and fertilization efforts. These decisions require far more than simply fielding a sensor at a particular time and place to collect. They require contextualized, specific, and detailed intelligence.

When a sensor collects data, it’s generally raw and unfiltered, lacking significance and meaning. The Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) process is the analytical practice of transforming raw sensor data into intelligence – enabling a decision leading to action.

Silent Falcon has teamed up with Matrix International and other data analytic firms to jointly provide these services.

Matrix International applies expertise in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations and analysis to assist clients to make sound decisions in complex situations. Clients trust Matrix International to help them navigate a complex environment of new technology and training shortfalls to achieve exceptional operational results.

Matrix International
McLean, VA USA
Contact: Jeffrey Johnston
Office: 703-442-8101