Silent Falcon UAS Completes 100% PCI Scan in 1 Hour

ALBUQUERQUE, Mar 10, 2020— Silent Falcon UAS (SFUAS), the award-winning, Albuquerque-based sUAS drone Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Data Capture & Analysis Service (DCAS) provider, announced its newest sUAS-enabled mission: Airport Pavement Condition Index (PCI), Part77 inspections, and building, noise, and vegetation mitigation.  

In less than an hour, the solar-powered, electric SFUAS E1 drone scanned 100% of the two-runway executive airport in New Mexico. The data was immediately uploaded, processed, and analyzed with the PCI+™ Pavement Management Program (PMP), resulting in an easy to use, content rich management tool that outperforms all FAA AC andASTM 5340 standards and provides the Airport Manager with superior situational awareness of their airfield.  

At another airport, Cameron Humphres, retired USAF B-1 pilot, seasoned Part 139 executive, and current Los Alamos airport manager stated, “The new Silent Falcon team did a superb job! Their professional team scanned 100% of our airfield in under an hour. Their data visualization and the side-by-side comparison of PCI vs PCI+ is amazing; it clearly demonstrates the superiority of the PCI+ product! Instead of a PCI based on averages, the imagery and heat maps provide detailed insight into the condition of every square inch of pavement on the airfield. This level of detail allows me to focus limited resources on specific areas of concern, thus improving and extending the life of all the airport’s pavements. Simply put, this technology optimizes every dollar and man hour spent on pavement maintenance.”

The PCI+™ PMP is easy to use and has everything needed to fulfill budgetary and work plan needs on a single interactive webpage. It’s better, faster, and cheaper than the standard practices of vehicles and personnel shutting down the runway for days.    

Grant Bishop, Silent Falcon President & CEO said, “In the last few days, our team has scanned five airports and processed over 52 million square feet of airport surface. That is more than one thousand football fields’ worth of pavement, and our software analyzes that data with pixel sizes as small as 1/8” x 1/8” (1mm x 1mm).  This exact accuracy of airfield surfaces and the specific damaged areas translates into cost savings for airport, state, and FAA budgets. Our focus is to give the airport leadership accurate and timely data-driven situational awareness of their airfield.”

SFUAS data is exact, repeatable, and significantly reduces the inaccuracies of sampling, mathematical extrapolation, and measurement tolerances allowed in ASTM 5340. The PCI+™ heat map pinpoints where pavement maintenance and repair resources should be focused today or in future budget cycles. Our team has seen pavement branches with as little as 4% damage drive an entire branch below critical PCI. If the airport manager knows exactly where the damage is, rather than an average PCI, they can determine if they want to repair, replace, or overlay to suit the best solution for safety, operational, or budget needs for their airport and community.  A typical full airport PCI+™ service scan of an airport with a 5000’ x 100’ runway is about $9000, saving customers 30-60%compared to current data collection methods. PCI+™ is significantly less expensive and more accurate than scanning by vehicle, personnel on the ground, Off the Shelf multi rotor drones, manned aircraft or helicopters.

SFUAS is actively expanding its UAS capabilities, services, and software.  We provide all airport inspections to include PCI inspections, Part 77, in-hangar aircraft inspections, 3D aircraft rendering, and external aircraft inspections with noise and emission free system.


Silent Falcon UAS Technologies manufactures patent pending, state-of-the-art small Unmanned Aircraft Systems and components and sensors security, military and commercial markets including oil and gas and pipeline inspections, power utility inspections, large scale agriculture, natural resource management, security/ISR, public safety, 5G tower placement and mapping/surveying. Silent Falcon is the only solar electric UAS to provide long endurance and range, silent operations, and an open interface payload bay accommodating a wide-variety of payloads that are also quick and easy to change.

All SFUAS equipment and parts are designed and built in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The full line of SFUAS products, services, and support is available direct from Silent Falcon, NASPO or via GSA Contract No.GS07F248BA.  SFUAS provides full service to customers, including operators for the aircraft and a full turnkey collection of data analysis, report, and storage services. From a smooth flight to an easily readable data report, customers will find the effectiveness of the aircraft options paired with the professionalism of the SFUAS staff to be ideal for any UAS requirements. SFUAS is partnering with Michael Baker International and NASPO to expand our airport inspection operations across the country.

The company is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information, please visit: or contact the following departments: 

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